There are people who think this way. Who didn’t realize “The Hobbit” (and LOTR) were loosely based on existing books. But now, I’m surprised they didn’t come out with watered-down, simplified novels for the movies. Publishing thinks less and less of it’s readers and is mandating that authors not use compound sentences, keep the paragraphs short, and write everything at an 8th grade level. Are they correct in thinking so low of their audience, or are they trying to make their readers dim?

New Pillow

I have a coworker who really likes her bamboo pillow. I have not tried one, yet, because the mental picture I have of one does not seem comfortable. I am, therefore, the definition of ignorance on the matter, except in that pandas really do eat bamboo.

Winners and Loeser and Tie-ers

I am impressed by all the stats that sports mark these days, but kind of feel sorry for the guys who have to notice them. “Another slider. And another slider.” “No, that was a curve!” “Wait, what did he throw while we were arguing about the slider?” “Maybe a fastball?”