Cornholin’ Deluxe

I actually sent two versions of this strip to the newspapers. In the other version, Tuttle’s words in the last panel were large (in case the small lettering wasn’t legible when the strip was reduced down for the papers). The one newspaper I heard from used the small print version. Shortly after drawing this strip, we went to a church party where someone had set up cornhole and they put the boards way further away than we’re used to playing. I felt like Phydeaux.

Where Have You Gone Mister Whipple?

Even as a child, I could never understand what was so wrong about squeezing the toilet paper. Weird, yes, but not wrong. The advertisements were effective, though, for whenever I went to the grocery store with my mother I wanted to squeeze the toilet paper. And can’t we all agree that Mr. Whipple was much preferable to those bears who apparently wear underwear under their fur?