New Father

This is what I wanted to do, but my wife requested otherwise. Since I was so enthusiastic about what caused the pregnancy, I thought I ought to see it through.

What Kind of Oath is That?

I can’t think of anything to say about this, except that it was like three months later that I remembered I had not drawn any more strips having to do with this birth. Oh well.

Tooth Extraction

Because the government thinks we’re idiots, I probably need to say, “Do not try this at home.”

Father in Labor!

I’m not sure people got this one. I was just thinking that Phydeaux thinks the natural thing for a father do do during labor is BE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

My Favorite 20 Movie Soundtracks of All Time

I have already told you about my 101 favorite movies, which you can see here, and which may need to be expanded because Cars 3 should be on the list. Considering that got me to thinking about what my favorite soundtracks are.

It may be no surprise that nineteen of the twenty soundtracks here are from movies that are on my list of 101 favorite movies because, often, a soundtrack makes a movie. Can you imagine what Star Wars would have been like without John Williams’ iconic score? Or a decent movie is made great by the soundtrack. (I’m looking at you #6!) Continue reading “My Favorite 20 Movie Soundtracks of All Time”

Aggressive Treatment

When I think of “aggressive treatment” I picture the doctors holding down the patient and administering medicine whether they want it or not.

3 Muskatoons

I read Dumas’s “Three Muskateers” and for guys who talk a lot about honor they sure don’t have any!

Seeing Black and … What?

If penguins do see in color (something I’m not going to bother researching), I have to wonder why.