Still a Better Name than Sod Poodles

We’re getting a new minor league team and there was supposedly a public vote for the name but I have a sneaking suspicion the owners had already picked the name they wanted and just pretended to give us a choice.

Buffalo Guns Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

I realized later that this punch line might have worked better in my “Cottage & CO” strip because here in “Tuttle’s” there’s the possibility of an armed buffalo being a character who draws little notice because all the other animals have been packing at one time or another.


When I hit middle age, my tolerance for caffeine was greatly diminished, so now I only have one caffeinated drink a week. Caffeine Free Dr Pepper helps to lessen the pain of withdrawal.

Prepared for Dark Times

I actually saw a place selling 8 or 16 ft, Kevlar USB cords. Maybe because everyone else has a stupid cat like mine that likes to chew through computer cords. (He’s somehow smart enough to never chew on power cords.)

What Kind’a Beer, Again?

I was really happy with how this raccoon looked, so much so that I couldn’t think of a way to color him in that wouldn’t diminish what I had already done–even if leaving him in B&W looks odd.