3 Muskatoons

I read Dumas’s “Three Muskateers” and for guys who talk a lot about honor they sure don’t have any!

Seeing Black and … What?

If penguins do see in color (something I’m not going to bother researching), I have to wonder why.

Cowboy Church

As a former preacher, this makes more sense to me than what a “cowboy church” actually is.

Government Shutdown

I drew this one last summer when they weren’t talking government shutdown. I’m not really prophetic, though, as they’re often talking about one.

Looking for a GOOD Lawyer

I have been disturbed to learn that there is a whole new crop of young lawyers who aren’t even familiar with “Matlock”!

Elephant Skills

Over the years, we’ve been told that Peanut (and sometimes his family) have taken up hang-gliding, ballet, bungie jumping, hop-scotch … and what else?


If you would like to see these holiday-themed strips in a more timely manner, call your local newspaper and get them to run “Tuttle’s”!