RBA – Local Christian Book Store Gets into the Outdoor Market By Offering Lot’s Wife Shaped Salt Licks

Mary & Ferd’s Christian Store, one of the longest-serving businesses in town, has lately been trying its hand at offering outdoor equipment. With the success of their lines like “Apostle Paul’s Corinthian Tents” and “St. Pete’s Fishing Gear”, they are now adding items for Christian hunting enthusiasts. In addition to precision, Hand-O-David Slingshots, and Mark’s Marksman AR-15s, they have now added salt licks shaped like Lot’s wife.

And, as always, M&FCS will continue to supply all of your Sunday School and communion needs. Look for our convenient “False Prophets” section where you don’t have to wander all over the store trying to find the latest heresies of Joel Osteen, Rob Bell or Oprah.