Sales Gifts

And when the government cracked down on pharmaceutical reps giving doctors free stuff, we stopped getting free meds, too.

Cure for Cynicism

Just as windmills cause wind, doctors cause illness … or something like that.

Performance is King

Pete likes to play possum, even to the point of receiving electric shocks to the chest and still not waking up.

Biblical Baby Names

No one names their children “Judas” or “Jezebel” for some reason.

L’Amour Tujour Amour

My fellow Louis L’Amour fans especially liked this one. (And “Parks & Rec” fans should recognize the game they’re playing.)

Mahatma Umbrella

I don’t think we use the word “umbrage” nearly enough these days.

Star Wars Cosplay

Remembering the days when Star Wars movies were good. BTW, according to my sons, the name of the chicken is “Melody”.

Get What You Pay For

I know of people who make a substantial living out of not growing things, which I think is insane

In Love with Lamour

My sons are big fans of Hope & Crosby movies but most people their age have no idea what this means.

Pasta Psychosis

Where did the flapjacks go in the third panel?!?!