Who Says Smoothies Are so Great?

My wife made some kind of soup in the blender that looked like a green smoothie, so she gets credit for this idea. Or blame.

Heart Doc

I only want to be a doctor if I can change my name to something like this.

Praise Da Lourd!

Another recurring theme. (And yes, I usually think of these on Sunday morning, during church.)

Paint to Relax

A recurring theme. I think it’s wise that we never actually get to see Tuttle’s artwork.

Doctor’s Orders

Based on these pills I take that seem to be about the size of a Hot Wheels car.

What Christmas is About

If “Tuttle’s” were in your local newspaper, you could have seen this one on Christmas Day! Contact your local paper today and get them to run “Tuttle’s”!

Say What?

No, this is not a slam on President Trump. This is just me playing with what was probably a typo.

Giving is Receiving

It probably wouldn’t be that hard to come up with such a program, so the punchline is actually that they have that many kids and still give presents to everyone. There, problem solved.