Reptiles vs. Everyone Else

For several years in this strip there was an annual competition between the reptiles and everyone else. It started with football, then I know they played tug-o-war, and I can’t remember what all else. Wonder why I got away from it?

No Bad Advertising

We were on a company picnic to the local AA minor league team (“The Bladder Spasms”) and we kept hearing all these endorsements for foul balls, double plays, walks, seemingly every conceivable play. I suggested we do this (since we are a hospice company). The marketing staff didn’t go for it. The funny thing was that, about five minutes after I suggested it, the local team actually pulled off a suicide squeeze!

My Wife Wants One of These

This is an altered version of this strip. I realized that when people look up strips on-line, most of the time they are doing so on their phone. As originally posted, the foot in the third panel was too small to see that the nails had been colored.