Penguin Dress-Up

I could have really ticked people off by … never mind.


See, to make a good tamale you wrap it in corn husk.

Vikings on the Move!

This was inspired by a story about some team (I don’t remember which one) that was holding its city hostage for a new stadium.

Certifiably Bored

I was certifiably bored at a team meeting when this occurred to me.

Love and Millionth Sight

I guess they can tell each other apart, but I don’t know how.

Watch ‘Im Throw!

Kenny the snake has been their star pitcher for years.

Baseball Heroes

This comes from my childhood, but it was more likely to happen in football: “I’m Bob Lilly!” “I’m Roger Staubach!”


Does anyone still call them “flies”?

Compassion for the Sick

We all know this is probably how our doctors talk about us behind our backs, but that’s okay, because it’s how we talk about them, right?