The best ones really are free.

Grasshopper Ice Cream

Actually, I was trying to remember the last time I heard chocolate-mint ice cream referred to as “grasshopper”, This joke may not work for anyone under 40.


I was taking a class and we had to write a paper on why plagiarism is wrong. I was the only student in the class to illustrate my paper with a comic strip.


My sister once ordered a chocolate banana and a milkshake from DQ and they gave her a chocolate-banana milkshake

Donut Speech

My eyes glaze over during almost all speeches, even the ones I’m giving.

Guns as Therapy

I would do this more often myself if the bullets weren’t so expensive.

Gun Range

For the easily offended, let’s assume the weapon used here is a potato gun.

Gun Free Zone

My doctor’s office is not a gun free zone. In fact, I think the doctor is packing.

Some Questions Regarding “Noah”

If you have read all or part of my new novel Noah (available here), you probably have some questions. Let me go ahead and try to answer some of them now. If you have additional questions, please write to me and I will try my best to answer them and work them into a blog. (Though I won’t mention you by name, just the usual “D.B. from Des Moines asks … “)

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