What’s in an Orthopedist?

Which is funnier? A doctor who doesn’t know these things, or the fact that people continue to come to him?

Deep Sheep

This sheep has never shown up in the strip before. I like his looks … but I can’t think of any sheep jokes.

Is this Religion?

I like Christmas trees, but you do have to really stretch and strain to pretend they have anything to do with the birth of the Savior.


Why ARE they called “Vienna” sausages? Are they from there originally?

Flea’s What?!?!

This joke doesn’t work if you don’t know how phlebotomist is pronounced.

Doomsday House for Wealthy Preppers

Not all that far from Dallas, someone has erected a very large, very ornate fountain. Right now, it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s not exactly nowhere, but it is Fannin county, which isn’t a well-known county* to people who don’t currently live there. Continue reading “Doomsday House for Wealthy Preppers”

Hospice Doc

Before anyone writes in, saying I don’t understand hospice, let me remind you I have been a hospice chaplain for almost 10 years now. Sometimes, you need a laugh to get through the day.

New Father

This is what I wanted to do, but my wife requested otherwise. Since I was so enthusiastic about what caused the pregnancy, I thought I ought to see it through.