Not Just Any Visor

I also thought about calling it the “add-visor” but this was funnier.

Where ARE the Ding-Dong Daddies?

A “Ding-Dong-Daddy” is a man from Dumas, TX. The women are “Ding-Dong Dollies”. No, I didn’t just make that up. To read the book that is in Tuttle’s hand (and put money in my personal pocket), go to

Ground Chuck

This is the closest to Groundhog Day that Chuck has ever arrived.

Needed Sleep

Based on my cats, 18 hours is a conservative estimate.


Gilligan, Hope & Crosby, Indiana Jones, and the list goes on. As a child, didn’t you think quicksand was just around every corner?

Serving God

Suddenly, the bird is remarkably self-aware.

Fried Egg on Top

Based on a friend of mine who, may he RIP, ordered a fried egg on anything I ever saw him eat.

Snow Day (We Wish)

Around here, we have followed a wetter than normal summer with a dryer than normal winter. This level of snow would be a welcome sight!