RBA – Local Man Who Claims to Distrust Anything That Comes from a Government Only Reads the KJV

Horace Airfilter, owner of Horace’s Air Filters, is well known for distrusting everything that comes from the government. “Any gummint!” he says, whether asked or not. He has a long-standing animosity toward Social Security, the Fair Housing Act, the EPA and congress. In his front yard are signs that say, “Never trust the government!” and “Government Will Always Make the Problem Worse!” (among other things).

In spite of all of this anti-government animosity, which he is clear to point out is not directed at just the U.S. government, but all regimes, Mr. Airfilter is a staunch church-goer who refuses to read any translation of Scripture other than the King James Version (or “Authorized Version”) as he calls it.

According to one of the signs on his lawn, even polite questions into the matter will be met with lethal force.


RBA = Rejected Babylon Bee Article