Say that Again

I know people who get really bent out of shape over how someone pronounces “pen” over”pin”. I think these are the same people who cry at political rallies.

Normative Systems

Yes, this is a book that actually exists. I have no idea what it is about. I just went on Amazon and found the most intellectual title I could. For all I know, it’s about betting on dachshund races.

Important Books

One of my least-favorite things about college was when some prof would have you buy a book and then not use it during the class but would try to tell you it’s because “this book will be a good edition to your library.”

Casual Friday

I love to be casual and hate dressing up, but I’d rather wear shorts than jeans, so most casual Fridays I don’t wear jeans like everyone else. And I’m sure not paying $5 to wear jeans on Thursday!

Ever Learning More

We’re always seeing those stories in the news about some “doctor” who didn’t go to medical school. What gets me is that they were apparently good enough at faking it to keep a practice alive, sometimes for years!