Casual Friday

I love to be casual and hate dressing up, but I’d rather wear shorts than jeans, so most casual Fridays I don’t wear jeans like everyone else. And I’m sure not paying $5 to wear jeans on Thursday!

“Tuttle’s” is Now in FOUR Newspapers!

“Tuttle’s”, the best comic strip you’ll probably ever find at this web address, now appears in 4 newspapers!

  • The Moore County News, Dumas, TX
  • The Eagle Press, Fritch TX
  • The Castro County News, Dimmitt, TX
  • The Panhandle Herald, Panhandle, TX

People who read these newspapers get to see the strips a week before they appear on-line, so contact your local newspaper about being added to the “Tuttle’s” family!

{And have your local paper contact “Tuttle’s” creator, artist and author Sam at}

My Favorite 20 Movie Soundtracks of All Time

I have already told you about my 101 favorite movies, which you can see here, and which may need to be expanded because Cars 3 should be on the list. Considering that got me to thinking about what my favorite soundtracks are.

It may be no surprise that nineteen of the twenty soundtracks here are from movies that are on my list of 101 favorite movies because, often, a soundtrack makes a movie. Can you imagine what Star Wars would have been like without John Williams’ iconic score? Or a decent movie is made great by the soundtrack. (I’m looking at you #6!) Continue reading “My Favorite 20 Movie Soundtracks of All Time”

RBA – Local Man Who Claims to Distrust Anything That Comes from a Government Only Reads the KJV

Horace Airfilter, owner of Horace’s Air Filters, is well known for distrusting everything that comes from the government. “Any gummint!” he says, whether asked or not. He has a long-standing animosity toward Social Security, the Fair Housing Act, the EPA and congress. In his front yard are signs that say, “Never trust the government!” and “Government Will Always Make the Problem Worse!” (among other things).

Continue reading “RBA – Local Man Who Claims to Distrust Anything That Comes from a Government Only Reads the KJV”