Office Directives

I wish I could find a niche for “Tuttle’s” like Adams found for “Dilbert”.

Chow-chow vs. Relish

All of you writing in to tell me the difference between chow-chow and relish … I’m really not interested. It’s a comic strip.

Plastic Flamingo

I don’t see plastic flamingos in yards like I did as a kid. Why did that particular bit of “art” go out of fashion?


This sounds like a good, and tasty, idea to me!!

Tuna Fish vs. Chicken Birds

How come we order “tuna fish” but not “chicken bird” when we go to restaurants?

Noel in April

After typing the headline, I realized there is an L in April after all.

Health Code

It made sense for Pan to become the nurse at the medical clinic, but taking her out of the diner meant I haven’t used her as often as a character, which I think was a mistake.

Homeschool, part 2

Lest anyone think I’m making fun of homsechoolers, my wife and I homeschooled our kids all the way through and sent them off to college, where one has graduated and the other is doing well.

Homeschooling, part 1

This is, of course, inaccurate. A woman who talks all day–whether at home or in the workforce–is just warmed up by the time she sees her husband.