Ever Learning More

We’re always seeing those stories in the news about some “doctor” who didn’t go to medical school. What gets me is that they were apparently good enough at faking it to keep a practice alive, sometimes for years!

Reclusive Genius, not Genus

I’m the same way. I hate it when people interrupt my reclusivity.


This is actually a very serious condition. I think. I don’t know. I heard it thrown around at the hospice where I work and thought it sounded like a motorcycle part.

Marriage Counseling

I love the commitment to excellence Penn displays here.

How to Get Promoted

I haven’t done any strips about Flatfoot as a private detective in a while. I need to think of more.

Fighting Words

And are either of them as rich as Scrooge McDuck?


I wonder how many young people ONLY know “domino’s” as pizza?

No More Cooking!

I didn’t realize it had been this many years since I moved Pan from the diner to the doctors’ office

Brick Oven Pizza

It makes you wonder if Pete cooks everything else on his car engine.