Guns as Therapy

I would do this more often myself if the bullets weren’t so expensive.

Gun Range

For the easily offended, let’s assume the weapon used here is a potato gun.

Gun Free Zone

My doctor’s office is not a gun free zone. In fact, I think the doctor is packing.

Some Questions Regarding “Noah”

If you have read all or part of my new novel Noah (available here), you probably have some questions. Let me go ahead and try to answer some of them now. If you have additional questions, please write to me and I will try my best to answer them and work them into a blog. (Though I won’t mention you by name, just the usual “D.B. from Des Moines asks … “)

How are they so technologically advanced? Continue reading “Some Questions Regarding “Noah””

Quality of Life Issue

No, I don’t think all doctors are this way. TUTTLE is this way.

Tattoo U.

I’ve thought about getting one of these. I don’t hate tattoos, but I do find them unattractive. Other people obviously don’t, so more power to ’em.

Say that Again

I know people who get really bent out of shape over how someone pronounces “pen” over”pin”. I think these are the same people who cry at political rallies.

For Headaches

I have one right now!

New Book from Sam!

Cover of my new novel, “Noah”, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

What if an inventor, say an Edison or a Leonardo—instead of sixty—had eight hundred years to invent? What if the antediluvian world were not made up of hunter-gatherers and the beginnings of an agrarian society, but of spacefarers and scientists?

And what if it were into a world like that that God spoke to tell one of the preeminent scientists of the day to build an ark of wood?


Buy the Kindle version here or the paperback version here.

Bass or Bass?

This is one joke that works better in print than it does with spoken word.