Fried Egg on Top

Based on a friend of mine who, may he RIP, ordered a fried egg on anything I ever saw him eat.

Snow Day (We Wish)

Around here, we have followed a wetter than normal summer with a dryer than normal winter. This level of snow would be a welcome sight!


This one ran in the papers back in September. If “Tuttle’s” were in your local paper, you would have already seen it! Contact your paper today!

Tasteful Afternoon

I have tasted wine and I would much rather drink BBQ sauce straight.

Read Closely

The pun here is based on a brand name that is still around but not as well known as it once was, so the joke doesn’t seem to have worked with anyone under 40.

One Hit Wanders

I was thinking of one-hit wonders and tried to think of who DID NOT fit into that category. Other options were Elvis, Sinatra, The Eagles, Madonna (yuck!).

What is THAT?!?!

I like waffles. I like BBQ sauce. Why does the two together sound so bad?